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It's All About Kids!

They all work so hard. Early mornings and late nights. All the while building character along the way, but not everyone will come out on top and land the Grand Champion prize. We are here to support those who put in the time and did all the work, but for whatever reason ended up in the lower half of the bidding. We want those kids to know the thrill of selling their precious steer, of completing the goal, and knowing that their efforts were not in vain. To reap the rewards of their efforts, and foster both understanding and encouragement so they will continue to work hard for their aims.

The Rodeo Auction Angels may have started with Dana Barton and Tony Bradfield, but they were quickly joined by some of the most remarkable people in the city. The goal is simple, pool resources each year to find buyers to purchase the steers that would not traditionally go under the hammer.

Why you ask?  So every kid will have the full HLSR selling experience. It seems like a small thing, but as we all know, in youth small things can have a very large impact. 

So Angels Came To Help

If you spend any time around the HLSR, you will learn more about the soul of Houston and this community than almost anywhere else.  We are not here to list the incalculable contributions and impacts of this event, but it is hard to imagine Houston being the world class city that it is without the blood of the this landmark asset running through the veins and heart of this great place. The Steer Auction is a landmark event at the Rodeo, which is why this particular committee has such a disproportionate impact, considering its size. 

As we mentioned, the kids do their part, and we are not about trying to make life fair.  We know that is pointless. What we all come together to do is support, encourage, and pay it forward in ways that we know will create benefits we can't even begin to imagine. 

A perfect example is Dr. Chris Boleman. His steers helped him pay for college and now we all get to benefit from his boundless energy and talents as he guides the HLSR. Imagine his trajectory may have been quite different without this aspect of his young life. Imagine our collective loss had he not found that encouragement and support. 

The Rodeo Auction Angels have banded together to lay yet another area of support for this wonderful committee and community. By shoring up the bottom of the steer auction, Rodeo Auction Angels help strengthen the entire system and, most importantly, the kids within it. 

And how often do you get the opportunity to pay it forward in an absolutely undeniably meaningful way, that also happens to be tax deductible?

All jokes aside, there is still no replacement for the value of hard work and the benefits we all derive from instilling that in the next generation. These are some of the most conscientious and dedicated young people you will ever find. They have no issue with working hard to meet their goals. These kids are some of the best of the best and helping them will, in turn, help us all. 


Please join us and help spread the word!

We will happily do all the paperwork.  Please click here and become our newest angel. 





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